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215-725-5384 (215-PALLET4)
Atlas Wood Products
Our building is on 21st between lippincott and clearfield.
2101 w lippincott Street thru 2101 w Clearfield Street.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19132
Charlie Sucic and Nick Sucic since 1974.
Atlas Wood Products of Philadelphia, PA. has ippc ispm 15 most lumber sizes in-stock. Atlas Wood Products is a certified supplier of timber beams some sizes in stock, ispm dunnage stamped lumber KD HT IPPC heat treated marked ISPM 15 manufacturer of on DIY site crate kits, heat treated International knocked down kd plywood boxes Liftvans for export packaging plywood crates, IPPC KD HT heavy duty special ispm#15 wood shipping timber type skids, HT custom wooden pallets and a certified supplier of IPPC ISPM15 KD-HT heat treated dunnage lumber for international trade destinations.


large heavy duty saddle skid, hardwood timber beams, bolt construction 215-725-5384

Family owned and operated since 1974, Atlas specialized customized industrial heavy duty wood products.
We manufacture four-wheel dollies, new storage vaults,used plywood storage vaults, used heat treated lift vans for the moving and storage industry and international freight forwarders.
Used New Plywood Storage Vault 215-725-5384

Used or New Plywood Storage Vault 215-725-5384

Atlas Wood Products manufactures plywood and wooden, pallets, crates, boxes and skids for international heat treated export shipments. Atlas Wood Products of Philadelphia, PA supplies product for domestic shipping, or storage application, to meet the customer’s requirements.

Saddles, wedges, cradles HT etc. no problem with our selection of band saws.

International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15)
The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)
The above programs, to the best of our understanding, is to protect cultivated and wild plants by preventing the introduction and spread of pests.

IPPC Heat Treated Export Plywood Liftvans

IPPC ISPM15 Heat Treated Export Plywood Liftvans 215-725-5384

AWP is a certified manufacturer IPPC ISPM15 of APHIS certified wood heat treated packaging and a certified supplier of heat treated marked ippc USHT dunnage timber skid wood ALSC lumber for ALS international trade destinations.

We feel we are one of the leaders in professional industrial wood products. We are one of the first operating heat treated facilities in the Greater Philadelphia Metro area, certified in September of 2003.

From inventorying stock IPPC Heat Treated ISPM # 15 lumber, pallet removal, dry lumber for 4 wheel dollies and recycling material for skids, pallets, and crates, this is all done to serve our customers and keep costs down. We maintain raw as well as finished product inventory for quick delivery. Inventory is held for immediate availability with an established working relationship for the customers.

We also accept major credit cards!

Atlas Wood Products is conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA.

Please contact us for more information.



click link for pictures of locomotives we skided for export.

We do more than skids and crates.

Long Wood Rustic Table for Wedding Party Rentals 215-725-5384

Long Wood Rustic Table for Wedding Party Rentals 215-725-5384

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