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 IPPC ISPM15 Lumber Stamp Heat Treated Marked HT Wood Pallets Plywood Crates Wooden Skids



IPPC ISPM15 Lumber Stamp

Heat Treated Lumber Stamp


IPPC Heat Treated Export Plywood Liftvans

IPPC ISPM15 Heat Treated Export Plywood Liftvans















IF your supplier is not willing or can not supply a IPPC certificate, they are probably NOT ISPM15 CERTIFIED.

For companies that are not IPPC ISPM 15 certified to manufacture wood packaging wooden pallets plywood crates  or items out of solid wood real wood material for HT or HT export purposes, such as ht pallets, ht crates, ht boxes, or ht skids, and only require IPPC-stamped items a few times a year, Atlas Wood Products provides, On-Site Pre-Cut Knocked Down, KD-HT On-Your Demand IPPC ISPM-15 program. This may be the answer to your IPPC ISPM 15 needs. This service is available to facilities where full facility certification is not economically justifiable and the need for IPPC-stamped wood packaging is required.

The use of Atlas Wood Products On-site, On-Demand service can be done in less than 24 hours.

It is very easy, all you need is a list of material you require.

Then you must purchase ALL the kd ht  material, wood, plywood and  lumber etc you need for the project from us.

We mark all the material KDHT with many many HT marks – stamps per each piece of wood (so you can cut any size piece of wood)  with our own AWP HT stamp identifiable marks, for on-site Knocked down crate skid kits, using only our HT marked Kd Ht wood.

Now on you time schedule, at you own site, with you own hours, you can cut all the  marked AWP  kdht HT material, osb, plywood and wood etc, then assemble the project with you own skilled labor.

When completed, contact Atlas Wood Products 215-843-0313,  we look at your project to make sure you used only the correctly supplied material or lumber. Then we mark your project, with the correctly marked IPPC stamp,  to the side or end, wood or  plywood, skid end or side panels,  with IPPC EXPORT STAMP shown below. At our location.

It is that simple no magic.    


ippc ispm 15 wood marking

ippc wood stamp







Please note: that Atlas Wood Products can not and will not  stamp you project with OUR IPPC STAMP, on export wood packaging items already constructed prior to requesting our stamping service. What we can do is HEAT YOU PROJECT in our IPPC WOOD HEATER, then stamp with the correct IPPC stamp and supply the ISPM 15 correct paper work. 

215-843-0313 Contact Nick Sucic or Charlie Sucic at Atlas Wood Products,Philadelphia,Pa  for questions about our ON-SITE ON YOUR DEMAND Lumber Skids Crate Kits including  fees and full details on the process and procedures, along with  any additional information that you may need.

Used Storage Vaults.

There are many options when it comes to buying  Used Plywood Storage Vaults or  New Marked IPPC Plywood Export Crates Storage Bins for ISPM15 Stamped export shipping storing customer’s belongings and personal affects. No option, is better a cheaper savings to the mover than our used wooden storage pallets for the moving and storing. New plywood storage vaults are available but the price is almost twice of our used refurbished wooden storage crates.

The best part dealing with us is we have the space to storage over 200 new- used plywood crate wooden storage containers.

Heat treated Mark IPPC Stamped pallets ISPM#15 marked compliant,  wooden crate are a type of wooden crate pallet used to transport goods internationally. IPPC marked ISPM#15 mark Lumber Supplier wood is specially heat treated to prevent insects or fungi from being transported by the Kiln Dried Heat Treated – KDHT wood or KDHT lumber from one location to another.

A wooden pallet or a wood box is made of lumber and may or may not be treated. In 2002, members of the United Nations signed a treaty during the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Stamp that required real wood packaging such as export Heat Treated liftvans to be IPPC stamped and heat treated . The purpose of heat treating wood pallets wooden skids lumber dunnage is to prevent insect or fungi infestations from being transmitted via real wood packing materials since shipping pallets often are sent from country to country. If IPPC Stamped heat treated wood pallets are not used, the shipper may be subject to fines and its product seized for destruction.

Buy Sell Sale Traded Barter

Used Plywood Storage Vaults Export Liftvans Bought Sold
Atlas Wood Products
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My promise to my customer.
I stand behind all we do.
I much rather not sell you, and be friends,
then sell you and you be unhappy with me or unhappy with our work.
Nick Sucic, Charlie Sucic
Wooden Self Storage Units, Wood Export Crates, please click on the links below.

http://knotjustfurniture.me/    rustic primitive wooden furniture

http://woodendisplaycrates.me/     rustic wood crates and wooden store display fixtures

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Used Plywood Storage Vaults 215-843-0313


Mobile  Bookcase on Wheels pictured below

In Stock for Sale or Rentals


Used Plywood Storage Vaults Export Heat Treated Liftvans Bought Sold (Mid Atlantic All of the East Coast)

Atlas Wood Products Phila, PA
http://www.atlaswoodproduct.com/Used Storage Vaults Used Lift vans by Atlas Wood Products
Atlas Wood Products buys and sells Used Plywood International Liftvans, Used Storage Vaults for moving and storage companies we buy and sell used wooden storage vaults.
Pallets treated by heat must be stamped with a certification which reduces the chance the shipment will be delayed in customs. Heat treated marked HT pallets must be certified using ISPM 15 stamp heat treating KDHT marked for requirements. These requirements, which were developed as a result of the stamped wood IPPC treaty, provide guidelines on how companies make heat treated pallets. Though this requirement strictly governs only international shipments, many companies have moved to only heat treated pallets for consistency.

To create a heat treated pallet, the wood must be heated. Before heating, wood used in pallets must also be debarked so only the core wood is used to make the pallet. The heat process removes some of the moisture from the wood, which also makes it more weather-resistant and less likely to rot. Once the drying process is complete, a seal bearing the ISPM IPPC mark along with the originating country is imprinted onto the pallet.
Plywood storage vaults Used International Heat Treated Liftvans are used most often by moving and storage companies to store household goods.
Most of the vaults are 5’x7’x7′ 5x7x7-1/2 or close size and climp together.
Most of the LiftVan are 45x 86×86 or close
Atlas Wood Products Buys and Sells Used Storage Vaults Used Heat Treated Export crates so you do not have to try and find a buyers or sellers in close proximity to keep transportation costs to a minimum.
We as sellers repair all plywood storage vaults or wooden lift-vans prior to purchase.
We also sell wood storage vaults and wood overseas crates not repaired.Atlas Wood Products has been involved since 1974 with used storage vaults for buying and selling wooden vaults export household goods or trade 4 wheel dollies also.Atlas Wood Products Buys and Sells Used Storage Vaults Used IPPC Heat Treated Export crates so you do not have to try and find a buyers or sellers in close proximity to keep transportation costs to a minimum.
We as sellers repair all plywood storage vaults or wooden lift-vans prior to purchase.
We also sell wood storage vaults and wood overseas crates not repaired.Atlas Wood Products has been involved since 1974 with used storage vaults for buying and selling wooden vaults export household goods or trade 4 wheel dollies also.
If you are a buyer or seller of used storage vaults or used liftvans  you have come to the right place.  As far as We know, we are the only used storage vault company  that can help you buy or sell plywood vaults or plywood international liftvans throughout the country. Because of our many years (since 1974) in the business of  manufacturing of new plywood storage vaults and new export IPPC liftvans plus  our woodworking skills are helpful. We have helped many companies in the moving storage, and related businesses buy plywood storage vaults and export international liftvans. 

Do you need a motorcycle crated,  fine art work packaged, industrial machinery, high tech electronics packaged and shipped internationally nationally  domestic.  just because heat-treated lumber is used to build a wood crate doesn’t mean that it is certified for international export. That’s where we come in!

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AR Arkansas MA Massachusetts OK Oklahoma
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Bucks county, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Berks County,  York County, Lehigh, Northampton County, Lancaster County,Philadelphia . South East Pennsylvania.

Mercer County, Burlington County, Monmouth,Ocean County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County.

Domestic Shipping & International Export Shipping from the USA to the World.

We can provide one-stop service, including pick-up and delivery if needed.

How do you buy a ippc stamp?

You can not buy a ippc stamp. your company must be issued, inspected and certified by a ALSC certified inspection service to have a ippc ispm15 stamp. We are certified ippc & might be able to help you ship your product. Contact Atlas Wood Products, Philadelphia, Pa. We are ippc certified for export ispm15 wood packaging material, export packaing, dunnage and special crating. Contact info (215-725-5384) atlaswoodprod@yahoo.com thanks for reading.

We are crater’s & know  many freighters so we can assist you with all aspects of export crate building.

We can help Fast, if we can not do it we will send you to one our friends that do that type of work.

Whether you are after new export crate or recycled wooden pallets, or a custom built wood skid crate.

When you have high value, heavy, fragile and unique items to ship, you can be sure we crate your products correctly. We design crates to meet your item’s specific needs. We take into account weight, dimensions, value, fragility, shipping method, and final destination requirements to assure you of the perfect packaging. Whether a rugged wood crate is required, or lighter packaging such as a custom  box, we can do that.  ISPM-15   Bugstamp

There are many options when it comes to buying Used Plywood Storage Vaults or New Plywood Storage Bins for export shipping storing customer’s belongings and personal affects. No option, is better a cheaper savings to the mover than our used wooden storage pallets for the moving and storing. New plywood storage vaults are available but the price is almost twice of our used refurbished wooden storage crates. . The best part dealing with us is we have the space to storage over 2000 new- used plywood crate wooden storage containers.

Rubber Head 4 Wheel Movers Dollies

4 wheel rubber capped wood movers dollies 215-843-0313

IPPC US Heat Treated Stamp ISPM15, 215-843-0313 

primitive country farm wooden tables wood benches chairs

Made from All Reclaimed Lumber

wedding event table rentals

Vintage Wooden Primitive Wedding Table for Rent or Sale 215-843-0313

ippc ISPM15 wood export pallets crates lumber

4 wheel movers dollies

export plywood liftvans

used wood storage vaults

48x40 "A" grade pallet, standard pallet, almost new.

“A” standard size pallets, 48×40 sold as almost like new.

Our Storage Vaults

Our used storage vaults are refurbished utilizing industry standards for wood storage crate construction and are better than what you may find at most storage facility. Used Vaults come in standard sizes, New plywood vaults can be custom designed and engineered to your specifications. Our new storage vaults are constructed with a 1″ x 4″ lumber frame and 3/8″ F plywood construction which is heavier than other vault sides, end panels and top panels. The vault floor is constructed with one piece of solid wood on a 1×4 frame braced on 3 anti-tip runners made from wood blocking. The base construction allows for easy access on all 4 sides. Our new storage vaults are can be designed so that they can be locked, stacked and used as a normal storage vault. At Atlas Wood Products we go out of the way to make sure that our new or used refurbished vaults are the best in the industry.

Our Heat Treated Wooden Liftvans

Export overseas packing in a standard ippc liftvans and ispm15 crates wooden lift-vans is utilized for LCL-less than container-loads of Household Goods and Personal Effects SDDC MTMC CODE2 CODE4 TYPE2 USHT IPPC. The volume of a standard lift-van runs about 190 to 208+ cubic feet, size is approx. 86hx83lx44w. We make half and quarter sized liftvans as well. Export Heat Treated USHT IPPC Lift Vans are made so they fit into an ocean oversea container and also so they can easily stack –in case the goods are to be held in storage for an extended period of time at either origin or destination. Wooden Storage Pallets, Wood Lift-vans are very cost effective and safe for shipping and storage of stacked cartons.Used Storage Wood Vaults, Used HT heat treated IPPC wood Lift vans
Atlas Wood Products buys and sells Used Plywood International ISPM15 Liftvans, Used Storage Vaults for moving and storage companies we buy and sell used wooden storage vaults.
Plywood storage vaults Used International Heat Treated Plywood Liftvans are used most often by moving and storage companies to store household goods.
Most of the vaults are 5’x7’x7′ 5x7x7-1/2 or close size and climp together.
Most of the LiftVan are 45x 86×86 or close

If you do not need to purchase a trailer load of heat treated international oversea shipping wood lift-vans from us, the only North Eastern America Lift-van manufacturer, then we can sell you a few new or used lift-vans. We have large and small amount available for purchasing the packing/loading services plus the lift-van(s) even if you are NOT a professional mover. You can arrange on your own do packing and delivery to our nearest designated export receiving/shipping terminal for an economy service move, or if you prefer, we can refer you to a full service packing/pickup using the packing agent best suited for your needs.

(1) a standard Type 2 (overseas) wooden liftvans approximate sizes

(A) Outside Dimensions: 87″L x 45″W x 87″H

Inside Dimensions: 86-1/4″L x 44-1/4″W x 81″H Cube: 197 cu.ft.

(B) Outside Dimensions: 87″L x 47″W x 87″L

Inside Dimensions: 86-1/4″L x 46-1/4″W x 81″H Cube: 208 cu.ft

Small or Large Wooden Crates special custom pallets always welcome.

Export packers/movers throughout the USA and overseas. If you have the need for IPPC ISPM15 PLYWOOD STORAGE for your move, let us help you save some money. The easy way to pack and ship is to new plywood storage crate and eliminate doublehandling for ocean freight and time to route for your cargo. Some freight forwarders, are not aware a storage vault can handle the entire job ., in addition to handling is less costly and the IPPC critical export documentation for ISPM15 is stamped on the wooden crate for the ocean carriers and agents to see or read. Contact us through for an explanation of the IPPC ISPM-15 USHT International Export types of stamping.

Wooden Crates.

Are the IPPC and HT stamp proving the same treatment of lumber? Why would a company require one over the other for exporting a wooden reel?

From what I know and this may not be totally correct. The Heat Treated lumber is for dunnage which is packing material (skids,crate)
The IPPC is for the wood product itself that is being shipped. I found the below on the internet…

Where The IPPC Stamp Can Be Used
The IPPC stamp can only be used on completed wood packaging by a wood packaging manufacturer, such as CDC Packaging. In addition, manufacturing wood packaging using HT stamped wood alone does not meet the ISPM 15 requirement. The finished wood packaging must have an official IPPC stamp on opposing sides that’s licensed to that wood packaging manufacturing facility.

Our IPPC Stamp Policy
In the case of Packaging, any wood packaging manufactured by us AWP will be stamped with the official IPPC logo, NELMA logo and the number 506. However, you may receive wood packaging  AWP Packaging that does not have the number 506 on the stamp. In some cases CDC Packaging may purchase wood packaging from other IPPC certified facilities.

Wooden crates are used for a large number of things, such as glass, machinery, furniture and general shipping.

Wooden boxes, Plywood Crates or Wood Crates are good for art work and transporting valuable cargo.

Wooden shipping crates are the main method of import export between countries, providing security for some of the world’s most popular products.

Wooden slated milk crates have all sorts of uses, like retail displays, footstools, shelving, storage bins for under beds and counters.

Wooden Shipping Crates come in many forms, from new and used, to square or flat but originate mostly from imported export cargo. From there, they make their way to businesses and consumers alike and are then reused for a wide variety of purposes. Wooden crates are commonly taken apart and used to build things by people who have picked them up from local companies that make them available or donate what they do not need. Uses for the reclaimed wood from larger crates include wood tables, wooden desks, wood benches, holiday display stands and props, storage and remodeling.

Wooden milk crates, slatted wood fruit crated can also be found in new or reused form and different shapes and sizes. New crates are manufactured for sale, while reused wood from crates come mostly from dairy farms, wineries, and shipping yards.  Wood milk crates slatted wood fruit crates, slatted wood boxes are also very helpful around the home.  Wood boxes can be used for storage boxes, stools, arts and crafts projects, file cabinets, book cases and much more. They are perfect for tight fits and reducing clutter, and are remarkably well priced for all the things that can be done with them. A popular type of wooden milk crates are the slatted kind, which make great window garden boxes.

Atlas Wood Products supplied when needed are all quality ensured through independent grading agencies such as (ex) ALSC  American Lumber Standards Committee and (ex) NELMA North East Lumber Manufacturers Association rules and guidelines. When needed all wood products supplied will carry a grade stamp indicating such. This arrangement also greatly increases the interaction between the end user and the supplier of product. Our 24 hour customer rush service is available as well as our knowledgeable technical support. Orders can be placed using a variety of methods including traditional email, credit card acceptance, phone or fax directly to AWP. Customers may visit at any time to discuss issues arising issues records and billing. Atlas Wood Products supports wide range of customers, Military, MTMC, SDDC, All Corporate Major Facilities, Export Maintenance Department Projects with Direct Shipping, Packing and Export Crating. Most heat treated wood products required for any use are available through AWP.

WE ARE LOOKING for the Best Program FeaturesPlease try to help us serve you better.
Fast Lead Times
24 hour rush Support
Technical Expertise from our suppliers if needed
Large order Capability
Volume Pricing Structure
LTL Major Commercial Truck Delivery
Compliance with American Lumber Standards
Direct Vendor  Customer Contacts
On Line Receipt System (Phone/Fax/email/personal cell#)

The international export standard, ISPM 15, requires that all wood packaging material be heat-treated. While much of our inventory is purchased as heat-treated lumber prior to being purchased, we have our own  heat-treating chambers on-site to treat export lumber and HT Stamp. Stamping Identifies individual pieces of lumber pallets crates etc. as being heat treated.

Wooden shipping crates, slatted wood boxes, wood wine boxes and wooden milk crates have been in use by consumers and businesses alike for a very long time. Each one sees many different owners and uses, and has a very high reclaimed recycle rate. They are sturdy, easy to stack, and can be bought at a large number of places, including online and locally. Looking for the perfect storage or shipping containers? Wooden crates are the way to go, not matter what you need them for. There are a number of companies now specializing in wooden shipping crates, making it simple to find what you are looking for. They have a stunning showroom to browse and they take custom orders to craft beautiful storage containers for your garden, wine cellar, and shipping needs.

Traditional shaped painted wood crates with side handles .These measure in various sizes ideal for storing magazines and newspapers. Color choices include any color example white, black, hunter green, cherry, weathered wood, early American tone, and oak. Any of these displays will be a great addition to the retail display or home furnishing.

Wooden display crates for fruits, veggies, or bread in the kitchen are a great for our old looking wooden boxes. Whether retail displaying antiques by color, era or similarity, it is important to create a tidy and inviting atmosphere that brings customers into your spot and makes them comfortable enough to spend time looking around,  items are best displayed when they are easily seen and accessible. The key is to create different levels of height and depth within your retail area.

OUR 4 Wheel Movers Dollies

We assemble all of our wood dollies in Philadelphia, Pa. U.S.A.

OUR FAT Wooden PHILLY Dolly similar to the CHICAGO DOLLY, RUBBER CAPPED DOLLIES, longer frame, wider thicker boards, and the inset wheels allow the dollies to fill easier with load. Our Comes standard with the gray rubber casters.

Rubber Cap Moving Dolly 4″ Wheel 18″X30″ – Philly Style Deluxe now at a GREAT PRICE!

Solid Deck Hardwood Dolly

Manufacturers of the highest quality 4 wheel wooden dolly in America since 1978. Industrial quality dollies used by the commercial moving and storage furniture delivery services.

Flush hardwood dollies with swivel casters for shop, office or warehouse are available in 4 frame styles, 4 deck sizes and 3″, 3-1/2 or 4″ wheels.

We offer quality moving equipment & supplies. We are located in South Eastern PA and we manufacter 4-wheel dollies, ours are standard issue equipment for moving crates, as well as just about moving anything else entire United States.

Our Fat Philadelphia Rubber Head Piano Moving Dollies – construction is tough, rated by floor insulation companies, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, moving companies, loading docks, trucks, construction site just name a few. Rentals and Used Dollies available.

Wood Crating Solutions:

  • Commercial Crates
  • Industrial Crates
  • Product Specific Crates
  • ISPM-15 Export Certified Crates
  • Re-usable Crates
  • Knock-down Crates
  • Mass Produced Crates
  • Tradeshow Crates
  • Display Crates
  • Military Crates
  • Computer Crates
  • Electronics Crates
  • IT Equipment Crates
  • Moving Crates
  • Furniture Crates
  • Museum Quality Crates
  • Art Crates
  • Antique Crates

Atlas Wood Products

2101 west Lippincott

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Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Fax 215-843-7115









LIFTVANS,IPPC Certified Heat Treated Military Approved Code 4 Liftvan, ISPM-15# Who Sells Heat Treated Lift Vans? We do call 215-843-0313

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We supply hardwood, softwood, rebuilt and plywood
pallets, skids and crates to large machinery manufacturers.
  • New stringer and block pallets in customizable configurations
  • Custom pallet designs to fit your exact needs, no more or less
  • Standard pallets, including GMAs as well as common industry-specific dimensions
  • Certified Europallets and APME CP pallets
  • Point-of-purchase display pallets
  • International shipping pallets, heat-treated and IPPC certified
  • Crates, skids and specialty unit-load support items

Pallets are available in flatbed and vanload quantities. We will deliver single-item or mixed truck loads anywhere in the U.S.

Since 1974, we’ve been a trusted supplier to industry. When you want a reliable, experienced, full-service pallet supplier that knows how to save you time and money.

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HEAT TREATED PLYWOOD LIFTVANS, Certified Heat Treated SDDC Military Approved Code 4 Liftvan, Who Sells Heat Treated Lift Vans? We do call 215-843-0313

  • PHILA, PA. 19132
  • 215-PALLET4
  • 215-843-0313




Atlas Wood Products 2101 w lippincott Philadelphia, Pa. 19132 atlaswoodprod@yahoo.com thanks for reading  Nick Sucic




Heat Treated Overseas Wooden Lift Vans 

First let me say a US HT heat treated ippc ispm15 plywood lift van can be repaired and are shipped world wide . The Wooden ippc ht  lift vans the MTMC, SDDC,  Type II Code2 Code4 boxes liftvans  are the preferred personal affect shipping crate of the moving industry for the worldwide shipping and storage of boxed household goods. These Heat treated ISPM15 wooden crates  required to meet the Federal Supply Service and Government Services Administration in military specification MIL-STD-105. The “standard” lift (PPP-B-580) vans are required to be knocked down, constructed of plywood and lumber so that the exterior dimensions were 87”L x 45-1/2”W x 8 7-1/2”H (197 cu. ft.), and have a capacity of 1500 lbs.  The plywood crates liftvans  require  four-way forklift and sling-hoist handling. The interior seams must  be weather caulked and the walls lined with a plastic moisture barrier to ensure water tightness.  According to the  manufacturer , assembly is  easily accomplished by two workers with screwdrivers in 20 minutes. The full sized  military Type II box wooden export containers can be stacked 3 high. 15  Knocked down take up less took the approximate space as 2 assembled wooden lift van. The export international plywood liftvan is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the existing Federal Specification PPP-B-580D for boxed, containerized household goods. The wooden crate called  a lift van is tested to Military Traffic Management Command’s (MTMC) approval for the new containers per ppp-b-580d  ppp-b-601. The DOD, however, looked a cardboard boxes, they where leery of shipping household goods in cardboard boxes, especially overseas, so the Plywood Liftvans is still in use for Commercial, Department of State and Military. MTMC approval for their versions of fiberboard containers, corrugated lift van to a U.S. industry is awash in a huge inventory of wooden boxes.  Wood Export International Shipping of Commercial Wooden Lift Van still is used daily in the world.  Bug stamped, IPPC ISPM HT certified wood crates, by  loading the goods directly into heat-treated weatherproof liftvans for exporting internationally is the still  best way to move.

Plywood Lift Van: A wooden box  or plywood container plywood box used for packing – shipping machinery equipment household goods and personal effects. Wood boxes / Plywood Crates are used for shipping and storage as well as transportation; Wooden Plywood liftvans are generally used when the shipment is in a 20’ or 40’ steel overseas container. Oversea Plywood Lift-Vans Wooden Boxes are usually lined with water-resistant paper and may be caulked as necessary to keep the goods dry. After caulking and nailing steel straps are placed around the outside to secure the international plywood crate wood box lift-van. Export Over sea Custom wooden boxes plywood over flow wood crates special wooden skids wood pallets sizes are easy for Atlas Wood Products, the standard sizes oversea export are 185 to 210 cubic feet. With our IPPC ISPM 15 stamp Heat treated certification we offer the advantage of easy inspection for custom clearance.

Frequent questions we  are asked?

We need a IPPC Wooden Pallets ISPM 15 crate supplier and KD-HT IPPC Stamped Dunnage, any suggestions?
We are located in southeast Pennsylvania. We need export stamped lumber to build crates ippc stamp wood skids and dunage stamped ippc ispm kiln dried heat treated lumber. we are shipping crates and wood boxes overseas.can you help?
IPPC KD HT ISPM15 lumber wooden export crates wood skids pallets?
we are trying to export wood crates overseas to china and a few other places. Atlas Wood Products of Phila, Pa. wants to build the wood box for us. Atlas Wood Products told us do not try use a crate built out of just KD HT wood, they said you will run into some trouble with ippc ispm 15 customs overseas inspectors? But, the lumber says kdht, it will be use for crates we make our own crates and skids. From what I understand they told me “the crates needs to be stamped with a IPPC standards stamp. The custom inspectors look for the IPPC logo is this true.
Here is links to what they said the IPPC stamp ISPM 15 wood should look like is this true.

Please Help in Pennsylvania

Wood Boxes, Wood Crates Export International Containers: Here as Atlas Wood Products our plywood crates are used worldwide for shipping trucking transportation moving and packing purpose as steel containerization allows the mechanized handling of cargoes of diverse types and dimensions, that are placed into our wood boxes of various dimensions. In this way goods that might have taken days to be loaded or unloaded from a ship can now be handled in a matter of minutes. Our wood skids plywood pallet containers export crates is a loaded unit that can be used internationally by several transport modes. Indeed, the steel container is usable by maritime, railway and road modes, making it an essential part of intermodal transportation. The usage steel international export over seas containers and wood packaging, plywood crates, export wood boxes, international plywood crate, oversea export skids shows the complementarity between steel and wood for freight transportation modes by offering a fast and easy movements for standardization of loads.



must be
heat treated against insects
and stamped as such
prior to being loaded and shipped.
Atlas Wood Products
2101 w lippincott
Philadelphia, Pa. 19132
Thanks again for reading
 Nick Sucic






Plywood Storage Sofa Vaults Heat Treated Liftvans Crates Mover Dollies (phila, pa)

used plywood storage vaults, standard size plywood storage vaults, special size crates ippc ,ispm15, or , used plywood storage vaults. These vaults are to store household good, and personal affect. heat treat export ippc ispm 15 av. call 215 843 0313 or (215)-(PALLET4)

we also manufacture wooden dollies,piano type mover dollies rubber cap rubber head movers 4 wheel dollies Our used storage vaults are refurbished utilizing industry standards for wood storage crate construction.

Used Vaults come in standard sizes, New plywood vaults can be custom designed and engineered to your specifications. Our new storage vaults are constructed with a 1″ x 4″ lumber frame and 3/8″ plywood construction which is heavier than other vault sides, end panels and top panels. There are many options when it comes to buying Plywood Storage Vaults for storing customer’s belongings and personal affects. No option, is better a cheaper savings to the mover than our used wooden storage pallets for the moving and storing. New plywood storage vaults are available but the price is almost twice of our used refurbished wooden storage crates. . The best part dealing with us is we have the space to storage over 2000 new- used plywood crate wooden storage containers

Our Heat Treated Wooden Liftvans Export overseas packing in a standard ippc liftvans and ispm15 crates wooden lift-vans is utilized for LCL-less than container-loads of Household Goods and Personal Effects SDDC MTMC CODE2 CODE4 TYPE2 USHT IPPC. The volume of a standard lift-van runs about 190 to 208+ cubic feet, size is approx. 86hx83lx44w. We make half and quarter sized liftvans as well. Export Heat Treated USHT IPPC Lift Vans are made so they fit into an ocean oversea container and also so they can easily stack –in case the goods are to be held in storage for an extended period of time at either origin or destination.

Wooden Storage Pallets, Wood Lift-vans are very cost effective and safe for shipping and storage of stacked cartons. > thanks for reading nick sucic


Atlas Wood Products 2101 w lipincott

Phila Pa19132

215 843 0313

215-PALLET4 — 215-725-5384 -

Atlas Wood Products

2101 west Lippincott

Atlas Wood Products 2101 west Lippincott Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Fax 215-843-7115

atlaswoodprod@yahoo .com





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