Cheap Pallets $1.00 and up, Skids, Crates Southeastern Pennsylvania call (215- PALLET 4)

(215-725-5384) = (215- PALLET 4)

If you need  pallets crates or skids  we can help. Even with free pallet disposal.


Minutes from  RT1 & Broad st.

@ 2101 w lippincott st to 2101 w cleafield st, phila, pa 19132

we are on 21st street.

one block south of 21st alleygheny ave , aprox 12 blocks west of broad st and alleygheny ave.

New pallets, Cheap Used Pallets, Wood Pallets,  (A) Grade Pallets, (B) Grade Pallets, Wooden Skids.

Off size Pallets starting at $1.00. 

Free standard size pallet disposal and free pallet disposal for some off sizes, Bring in 2 – 48×40’s and get free pallet disposal for one off size wood pallet or wood skids.


FOR DETAILS Call 215 725 5384 

Pallets made from new wood, recycled wood or combination of both.  Any design, to hold any load.

We can understand and can manufacture what you need.  All quantities are welcome.

From Microscopes to Locomotives we have done it!

Stenciling, color coding available.

Export ippc ispm15 crate kits for on site crating.

Softwood – Heat Treatment Certified and Hardwood Heat Treating to ippc, ispm15.

Reusable & expendable designs. Custom plywood pallets and recycling bin on wheels approx size 4′ x 4′ x4′.

Packing and Crating Services Trade Show Crates Reusable Plywood Crates Plywood Crates Military Boxes & Crates Heat Treated  

Overseas Crates • Dunnage stamped lumber per ippc ispm15 spec.

A grade pallets – our (A) grade is a pallet that is not patched, plugged, broken, extened etc.  (A) grade is made from all good recycled wood pallet material.

B grade pallets  – our (B) grade is a stucturally sound pallet that is patched, plugged, extended (in either Length or Width), repaired, 

NOTE(B) grade pallets are made from all material that does not make a (A) grade pallet.  We call them ORPHAN PALLETS.  delivery or picked up. For your convience,  we accept most Company CC’s, amex, master card, visa , discover etc.  

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