Pallet Boards for Sale, Millwork,Resawing, Reclaimed Wood, Aged Timbers Lumber, From a Boxcar to a Dance Floor. Ask about our Fast-floor Engineered Panels. 215-843-0313

 Atlas Wood Products inc

2101 w Lippincott

Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

Phone 215-843-0313   

fax 215-843-7115

We do custom mill work, installations. We will help the DIY, Contractor or we can do the work, it is all about you.

Staining, Oiling, Varnishing, Wainscoting to your custom size just contact us.

Reclaimed lumber, reclaimed building materials, up-cycled wood, Philadelphia old style floors, salvage lumber.

 We are open for any ideas, suggestions, opinions, we are trying to improve to help you better.

 Thanks in advance for your comments.

Our material is up cycled from the following.

construction sites, residential housing, industrial sites, demolitions jobs. material is also from wood crates, wooden pallets, lumber type skids, timber skids. flooring and floor joists from demo’s etc.

Picture here is some of our  material. We can supply for contractors, DIY or we can install for you.

We do mill work. to your spec. note the  pictures of the profile on the milled hardwoods. For (ex) in stock for milling and for sale, we have 4x4x10′ foot recycled dried oak beams. unfinished flooring with  beautiful nail holes, note the nails are removed. We also have a flooring system with up-cycled wood. note the finished flooring. Note  the beautiful nail holes, nails are also removed.

Please email, call and or stop by, we are open for your input.

location – hours 9 to 4 Mon – Fri 2101 w Lippincott, Phila, Pa 19132 or 21st and w lippincott.

Phone 215-843-0313 email me and i will give you my cell# .

Thanks for reading about our reclaimed wood in Philadelphia, recycled lumber from southeastern pa, up-cycled lumber Philadelphia area,  green wood recycling programs southeastern Pa.

Reclaimed Lumber Inventory

The  wood for sale  is available.  Almost all of our material is reclaimed or   salvaged from old houses, industrial applications (ex) old  floor joists, pallets and skids. Occasionally we will include wood that can be milled into flooring or have many other uses. 

Our reclaimed  flooring is salvaged from  homes and industrial uses.  Reclaimed wood provides you with a look that has stood the test of time. Decades of use have  these wood’s with history and character that cannot be replicated in new flooring.

Aged  wood is ideal for either restoration projects on antique homes or for a beautiful and unique look in a new home or  project. Our Pictures are  applications where reclaimed wood has not been distressed, we can distress if needed. Reclaimed lumber is sold “as is” or they can be milled at an additional cost. The reclaimed or aged material at times are available as limited sized batches depending on what your applications is.

Reclaimed wood gives a look warmth and feel that you cannot be match.  We cannot begin to tell you how many customers of ours come back to us after purchasing one of our reclaimed floors to convey how much the wood has enhanced and enriched their space.  All of our reclaimed wood flooring is 100% reclaimed from old houses, buildings,  structures and other sustainable sources .   

Our  Urban Reclaimed Wood  is supplemented by local sources from saw mills and tree surgeons who previous to our program would have destroyed  logs,  low-grade boards/timbers (etc) either as mulch, firewood or simply landfill. Now we defect the wood and give it a new up-cycled up-scaled  long life.    

Recycled lumber  batches vary in size, nature, character and price and inventory changes oft

We can mill fireplace mantel, special projects etc.

Recycled lumber has fantastic character due to its grain patterns, coloring, knots, nails and defects . Lumber & wood once one of the most important  natural resource in the USA, now wood is making a comeback into our economy and society. Help preserve history by using recycled lumber and up cycled material on your project.

Up cycled wood is more than just a floor, a wall, ceiling or trim, it makes it part of a story.  Whether it came from a Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania structure built 100 years ago that was on the verge of being  removed by the owner or a walnut tree planted in a front yard , only to be cut down to make way for a sidewalk expansion, there is always something more to be told about our wood. 

From oaks and mixed hardwoods in Northern Pennsylvania, to old  beams from New York, or   blocking used in a  New Jersey Steel mill, we try to find distressed material for  reclaimed timber, for flooring , ceilings and wainscoting etc.    

Whether you are looking for the natural, stained or pickled rich tones of  mixed hardwood flooring for a formal dining room, to the vivid, old world aesthetic of our rustic oak flooring for a cottage, to anything in between, we believe that the variety of tones, pickling of grains and textures we offer will match any taste. 

We can custom mill to your specific needs and design specifications, our reclaimed wood is hand crafted and selected one plank at a time, yes every time.  Species and grades depends  on you the customer for reclaimed wood selections available. We like to and will work with you to find, mill, & select material to make you time with us out standing.

Yes you can change your mind many times it happens.

Thanks for Reading

Nick Sucic

Atlas Wood Products

215 -843-0313

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2 thoughts on “Pallet Boards for Sale, Millwork,Resawing, Reclaimed Wood, Aged Timbers Lumber, From a Boxcar to a Dance Floor. Ask about our Fast-floor Engineered Panels. 215-843-0313

  1. Thomas McDonald

    Good Morning Mr.Sucic,
    Are you willing to do custom sawing of three cedar logs that I have drying in my backyard if I bring them to you? I have no idea what species of cedar they are but I would like to have them cut into usable boards. They are approx. 10 to 12 feet long but no fatter than your average telephone pole. I understand that I will be responsible for any blade damage while milling them but thats not a problem. Please email or call me back with your answer, along with a time frame when it could be done and the approx. price. Thank You in advance, Tom McDonald (cell)609-217-2557

  2. thanks for the interest i think it would be safer with a woodmizer piece of equipment. sorry do not own one.
    Nick Sucic
    Atlas Wood Products
    Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

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