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Here at Atlas Wood Products in Philadelphia, PA., we don’t just sell lumber or wood. We don’t have any forest clear cut from overseas countries. We are not selling out thousands of board feet from 3rd world countries. We look locally to demo contractors  to recycle the old worn seasoned flooring, antique wood timbers or  aged wooden beams from the turn of the century or older, family homes and industrial revolution buildings of Philadelphia, PA. United States of America. We love the smell when cut, from old seasoned wooden beams and thick wooden floor joist boards, material handcrafted over 100 years ago, from local pines trees that once stood in local forests of Metro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  We don’t just sell wood, we sell genuine historic Metro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA lumber. Nick Sucic and his brother, the  sons of a Master Carpenter Nicholas J Sucic, owner of Atlas Wood Products of Philadelphia, PA USA.  Proudly, we try to save all old growth lumber from  landfills, trying to be eco-green, one piece of lumber at a time, if that is what it takes.

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Nick Sucic


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