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Used Wood Storage Vaults, Heat Treated Plywood HT Liftvans, New Wooden Storage Vaults, Used Lift -Vans, export HT lumber ippc ispm15 kdht stamped certified, export crates, dunnage, ippc stamped lumber. Eco Reclaimed Lumber, Salvaged Wood Beams, Wood Boards, Furniture made from Reclaimed Salvaged Wood.

ISPM 15 Wheat Stamp Wood

(215-PALLET4) is (215-725-5384)




How Do you Buy Dunnage or Crate Lumber with HT mark?

How Do you Buy ISPM 15 Heat Treatment Markings or IPPC Wheat Stamps?

How Do you Buy Crating Lumber with HT mark ?

How Do you Buy ISPM 15 Heat Treatment, HT Markings or Stamps?

How Do you Buy Wooden Pallets, Wood Skids, Plywood Crates with HT mark ?

How Do you Buy IPPC ISPM 15 Heat Treatment  Markings or Wheat Stamps?

Contact us.

(215-PALLET4) is (215-725-5384)

If you ship your product overseas, then you probably have learned about IPPC ISPM15 Wheat Stamp Heat Treated for non-compliant wood.

Heat Treatment is a non-chemical process to kill pest bugs etc. in wood or lumber for export use.  It is a thermal treatment that goes deep into the wood and kill living organisms. Heat treatment was developed by the American Lumber Standards to label ISPM 15 IPPC wood – lumber. Dunnage is loose lumber, used to block, brace or shim your product or wood or plywood crate.  HT DUNNAGE can only be used for blocking or bracing.

Remember,  Only use wood with a ISPM15 IPPC wheat mark stamp.

Re-sawing Cants to Pallet Boards.

That’s what new or what’s up.

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(215-725-5384) is (215-PALLET4)



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Four-Wheel Rubber Dollies – 4 Wheel Piano Movers Dolly

Atlas Wood Products – dollie 18×30” or 18×32”,  4 wheelers dollys, are rubber capped with non slip rubber capped heads. Atlas Wood Products manufacturers our wood frame here in Phila, PA. USA. Our 4 wheel wood dolly’s come with your choice of  3”, 3-½” or 4” swivel casters. Atlas Wood Products of Philadelphia, PA, rubber head dollies are countersunk and thru bolted with nylock nuts. Four wheel dollies are constructed super heavy duty, construction for the 4 wheel mover dollies as follows. SYP flooring, known by old timers as “bull pine” –  1-⅛” x 5-1/4” eased edge wooden 5/4” rails and 2-¾” x 1-⅛” x 18” wood head all sizes are actual measure. Possible the most big wood in the industry. Our wide wood rail dolly’s, wooden mover dollie, can now double as a loading equipment platform truck dolly. 

Plywood Liftvans

215-PALLET4- 215-725-5384

HT heat treated plywood overseas Lift Vans. 215-725-5384

International IPPC ISPM 15 Overseas Export Liftvans. 215-725-5384- 215-PALLET4

Atlas Wood Products also purchases good quality used lift vans. Plywood liftvans are similar to storage containers. Lift Vans are mostly used by freight forwarding, moving and storage business. The Lift-van are distinguished from vaults in that  are smaller 197 cube, don’t need clips, they nail or screw together. The liftvans are used plywood containers, IPPC ISPM15 USHT construction, price depends on quality of construction, age, condition, and location.

plywood storage pallet, wooden moving storage boxes

Used Storage Vaults (215-PALLET4) (215-725-5384)

Our building is on 21st between Lippincott and Clearfield.

Atlas Wood Products
2101 W Clearfield Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132

1029 Robert Rd.
Warminster, PA 18974
Fax: 1-215-672-6747

We also accept major credit cards!

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Atlas Wood Products we are your best move for buying and selling wooden vaults or used liftvans. Call us at 215-PALLET4 (215-725-5384). Nick Sucic

IN-STOCK, Plywood Containers, Export IPPC ISPM15 Lumber, Shipping Crates, Plywood Trade Show Boxes, Wooden HT Liftvans, Used Storage Vaults, New Wood Storage Vaults, Wood Pallets. 

International ISPM 15 accepted IPPC Ht wood crates, Heat treated Kiln Dried  standard lift vans are available knocked-down (KD), and holds approximately 197 cubic feet custom sizes no problem. Crates can be shipped domestically or international.


Our Type II liftvans Code 2 fit inside a standard 40’ and 20’ overseas shipping steel container. Type 2 wood crates can also be used for domestic or temporary use. Code II lift vans are heat treated IPPC ISPM 15 approved  and constructed with heat-treated lumber and or wood to meet IPPC-ISPM 15 standards for USHT international trade.

Type II lift van used by the moving industry for worldwide shipping and storage of boxed household goods.

Type 2 liftvan code 2 standard lift-van are around 197 cubic feet, approximately 87x87x45″ OD.

Plywood Lift vans

When household goods personal affect, industrial commercial products are shipped, sometimes it is not enough to fill a steel container or when the goods are to be placed in (S.I.T.) storage in transit there will be a need for a wood crate or accompanying baggage smaller wood box or plywood crate. The moving industry, transportation industries and freight forwarders use plywood lift vans wood crate boxes for this purpose.  Many countries use IPPC ISPM15 quarantine regulations to protect their forests from the introduction of new wood bugs or pests. An import regulation, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat, part of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, has issued ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phyto sanitary Measures) “Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade”. The Key Features of IPPC ISPM15 applies only to real wood, solid wood, with example (Plywood OSB) being exempt. Treatment of the packaging by approved measures, which include heat treatment (HT) to a core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes, for example by kiln drying (HTKD), provided that the above-stated specifications are reached. Permanent stamping or legible marking of the solid wood packaging must be provided on two opposite sides of the package crate skid or wood pallet. The mark and or stamp are composed of the country code a registration number issued by the regional inspection agency phytosanitary authority, to the packaging container manufacturer’s (unique number). The treatment method is denoted by the abbreviation HT for heat treatment or MB for fumigation with methyl bromide. The letters DB may also be included where debarking is required. Dunnage material must be Stamped or Marked to meet IPPC ISPM15 KD HT code.



Pet Containers and Airline Information

Copied USDA APHIS for your convenience. 

Please Read. 

Airlines have various animal transport rules. Please check with your airline well in advance of travel.

Atlas Wood Products of Philadelphia, PA USA, manufacturers, supplier or makers of heavy duty dog animal crates for airline shipping. We do not cheat on material with our dog crate, dog crates are made with ¾” plywood and 2×4 heat treated lumber, for a strong durable reinforced wooden dog crate. Note The Many Many air holes and 2 feeding tubes as you can see in the pictures. Our wood dog crates are used by many for domestic or international trade in the airline industry, for dog or animal transport, WOOD HT compliant marked  USHT APHIS IPPC ISPM 15 stamped. Our heat treated animal dog crates are used by many for IPPC  international airline travel or any export ISPM 15 transportation or APHIS shipping. If you have dog or animal and are in need of crate please call us immediately. We need time to build the heat treated IPPC wood dog crate specifically ISPM15 to your dog’s measurements. We do rush service for fee. Call (215-725-5384) (215-PALLET4) or email Again ask your airlines.

Our building is on 21st between Lippincott and Clearfield.

Atlas Wood Products
2101 W Clearfield Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132

1029 Robert Rd.
Warminster, PA 18974
Fax: 1-215-672-6747

Please EMAIL for more information.

We also accept major credit cards!

Please Call for more information.



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Here at Atlas Wood Products in Philadelphia, PA., we don’t just sell lumber or wood. We don’t have any forest clear cut from overseas countries. We are not selling out thousands of board feet from 3rd world countries. We look locally to demo contractors  to recycle the old worn seasoned flooring, antique wood timbers or  aged wooden beams from the turn of the century or older, family homes and industrial revolution buildings of Philadelphia, PA. United States of America. We love the smell when cut, from old seasoned wooden beams and thick wooden floor joist boards, material handcrafted over 100 years ago, from local pines trees that once stood in local forests of Metro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  We don’t just sell wood, we sell genuine historic Metro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA lumber. Nick Sucic and his brother, the  sons of a Master Carpenter Nicholas J Sucic, owner of Atlas Wood Products of Philadelphia, PA USA.  Proudly, we try to save all old growth lumber from  landfills, trying to be eco-green, one piece of lumber at a time, if that is what it takes.

thanks for reading.

Nick Sucic


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